Switchboard Presents

Switchboard Festival and Porto Franco Records present:

Happy Hour Jazz Quintet.

This innovative and virtuosic group is made up of five of the leading jazz lights in the Bay Area, who come together in a high-spirited and entertaining collective which has garnered accolades and ovations throughout the Bay Area. The chordless quintet consists of Erik Jekabson, trumpet, Michael Zilber, saxophones, John Gove, trombone, Peter Barshay, bass and Jeff Marrs, drums. A committed collective, the group has been playing, writing, arranging and rehearsing together for close to four years, dedicated to creating a harmonically full three horn sound that is at once rich and transparent, one where the bass, drums and horns all take on and reimagine the contribution often supplied by a pianist or guitarist. The extra breathing space and flexibility created by the chordless quintet makes for compelling, imaginative and exciting musical synergy, sure to please the jazz connoisseur and listening novice alike.

Patrick Cress’ Telepathy

is an original jazz quartet that creates unique compositions and highly energized improvised music. Its unusual instrumentation (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, acoustic bass, and drums) and openness to unconventional time signatures bring new ideas that push past the traditional sounds of jazz. Together since March of 2002 Telepathy has recorded four albums, toured both nationally and internationally, and carried the torch for the Bay Area’s original jazz scene.

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