Saturday Brunch with Agapi Mou

November 24, Saturday, 2-4 pm
Doors at 1:30.
953 Valencia St., SF, CA 94110
2nd floor, no elevator
Food and drinks provided
Recommended donation $20+
All proceeds go to the band

Formed three years ago in Berkeley, California, Agapi Mou is the latest musical project from the young half-Japanese duo of Aya Davidson and Gregory Masaki Jenkins. The name “Agapi Mou” translates from Greek to mean “my love” and signifies the group’s love of and dedication to the traditional music of Greece. With Aya on violin and vocals and Greg on clarinet and vocals, the group is rounded out with Greek-American percussionist/vocalist Michael Garibaldi and Alan Davidson on the Greek lute (laouto).

The regional diversity of musical styles in Greece is truly surprising for the size of the country. With respect for both the dramatic and nuanced characteristics of these styles, Agapi Mou gracefully threads together an impressive musical selection, presenting songs and dance tunes from numerous islands, including Crete, Rhodes, Amorgos, Ikaria, Mytillini, and mainland areas such as Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, and the Peloponnese. The group also performs a number of selections from nearby countries such as Albania, Turkey, and Armenia.

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