Rus Anson Polaroids

Opening: Friday November 19, 6-9pm
Also open: Nov 20 and 21: 3-6pm

Artist bio

Rus Anson is a fine art fashion photographer from Barcelona. She moved to San Francisco on a full scholarship to earn an MFA in photography at the Academy of Art University. Her work evokes the endless possibilities of what reality can be. Through fashion photography, Rus enjoys creating fantastic, surreal and naive worlds often inspired by her imagination and daydreams. Rus wants to entertain, make the viewers forget the troubles of the world and concentrate on wishes and hopes. She believes that is possible to create anything in reality with patience, hard work and a great team. More on

Rus about Rus

Starting a few months ago, I began working a series of images based upon the overlapping ideas of “little girls playing like adults” and “adult women playing like little girls”. I started to read Piaget’ s theories on children’ s intellectual development. Piaget talked about Sociodramatic play—the playful acting out of roles or scenes, as when children are playing “house,” or pretending to be adults. Human play, by definition, involves imagination. In Sociodramatic play imagination and fantasy are much more obvious than in other plays because the player has to create a character and a plot, even if they are playing by themselves.

For this project, I wanted to catch these moments of solitude, when little girls travel in their own worlds imaging they are beautiful and sensuousness women, discovering the secrets of their growing body. It’s about girls’ impatience to cross to the new stage, hungry to explore and experiment, ready to fall and stand up again.

The subjects of my images are playing secretly, alone, and we become “benign voyeurs” of the scene. They do not know we are there, spying them from behind a little hole in the wall.


I photographed this project with a 4×5 Sinar camera and on Polaroid and Fujiroid instant film, using long exposure that has allowed me to catch the continuity of their games. I only used window light, which emphasizes the sense of fragility and innocence. All photographs in this exhibition are high-resolution scans from Polaroids or Fujiroids. The edges are original instant film edges. None of the images are digitally manipulated, other than general contrast and color balance adjustments.

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